25 septembre 2014

The letter to Germar Rudolf (2000)

PARIS , November 17th, 2000

Ladies and gentlemen,

I want to offer my personal testimony on behalf of Mr GERMAR RUDOLF several of whose writings, especially his widely known “Rudolf Report”, I have read with admiration.

Born in Marseille (France) on 17 July, 1913, I have a Doctorate in philosophy
(Sorbonne), a Doctorate in science, and I was recently made "Doctor Honoris
Causa" of the University of Konya (Turkey).

In the course of my life I have written 54 books on philosophical, political or religious topics. Most of them have been translated in 10 or 15 languages, and 14 doctoral dissertations have been dedicated to my works, which earned me an international reputation. Among them: THE MEDITERRANEE PRIZE in Italy, and, in May 1999, the Gold Medal for "services rendered to human values" which was awarded to me by a Greek jury in Athens, not counting the homage paid to me during my life for my objectivity and coming from personalities of quite diverse perspectives such as Jean-Paul SARTRE or the General DE GAULLE, the poet SAINT-JOHN PERSE or the Brazilian archbishop Dom HELDER CAMARA, the great Jewish violinist YEHUDI MENUHIN or the Protestant theologist MOLTMAN (Theologie de l'Espérance - Theology of Hope).

When Hitler's armies invaded France I was arrested on September 14, 1940, and I was 33 months in jail and in concentration camp until the Americans landed in Algeria where I became the editor of RADIO-FRANCE.  When I came back to France, I was elected as deputy, then vice-chairman of the National Assembly, then Senator.

My difficulties started in 1982 because I had signed, in the daily "Le Monde", together with the catholic priest  Michel LELONG and the Protestant pastor MATTHIOT, a strong protest against the Israeli invasion in Lebanon. The French Zionist organizations brought an action against us and we won it, because, as per the judgment, we had made a "licit appreciation" of the policies of a State and of the ideology on which it is based, but it was not racial incitement.

On the other hand, as that "abominable law" (called the Fabius-Gayssot law) had been passed in the meantime (and which punishes anyone challenging the findings of the Nuremberg Tribunal), new accusations were laid against me when I published my book "LES MYTHES FONDATEURS DE L'ETAT D'ISRAEL" (The Founding Myths of the State of Israel), the main purpose
of which was to make a distinction between Judaism, a religion which I have respect for, and atheistic political Zionism (dating from its founder THEODOR HERZL) which is mainly nationalist and colonialist; I showed that such a colonialism (which I have fought against in all the countries in the world, including France) could trigger off a third world war. The recent events, unfortunately, have only too well justified those fears. Subsequently, I was convicted in accordance with the GAYSSOT law and as a fabrication was being made out of my text by mutilating it.

I have now lodged an appeal with the EUROPEAN COURT OF JUSTICE against that unfair verdict based on a forgery. I have mentioned my personal experience only to show how much the "human rights" and the "freedom of expression" are systematically infringed in Europe.

My book about "THE MYTHS" has been translated into 32 languages and a second edition has just been issued in America. Now, only in France have
I been brought before the courts. I understand even less the political persecutions in Germany against Mr Germar RUDOLF because I read his books, and in particular his "RUDOLF REPORT" which is a purely scientific book and which can only arouseanger with those who are afraid of the simple scientific truth.
I like to hope that the United States, whose Constitution radically excludes prosecuting anyone for his beliefs,  shall grant Mr Germar RUDOLF political
asylum, so that he may carry on with his research work as a chemist
in the safety and the peace owed to all scientists.